Let’s Talk About I Tip Hair Extensions

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New to hair extensions? Here are the basics about the I-Tip hair extensions.

Hair extensions are a way to add length and fullness to hair. Actual human hair is attached to existing hair. There are several methods of doing this, and I-Tip is Babe’s beaded method of hair extensions. Small bundles hair strands are attached to the hair near the roots with a small bead.

Each pack of I-Tip hair contains 20 strands of hair. Each of these strands has a small, shoestring-like tip that holds all the individual hairs together. A strand is made of 1 gram of hair. A full head of I-Tip extensions is around 5 to 9 packs of hair. This means you could have 100 – 180 strands of I-Tip hair or more for a full head installation.

What makes I-Tip unique are the beads. The beads used for I-Tip extensions are tiny and are the perfect size to hold both the tip of the extension and the natural hair. There are a few different kinds of beads, but they are all small and soft enough to be crimped down to hold the hair and the hair extension in place.

The bead is threaded onto a small section of hair near the client’s scalp. The tip of the extension strand is set into the bead, and a hair extension tool is used to flatten and crimp the bead, so it doesn’t move around.

After installation, the extensionist blends and trims the hair, so the hair and the extensions blend and look natural.

In a full head installation, there are rows after rows of beads that need to be installed. Often women just have a few strands connected to add highlights or pops of colour.

I-Tip hair can last for a long time. As you wear your I-Tip extensions for a few weeks, you’ll notice that your hair grows as it normally does and that the hair growth causes the bead and extension to move further away from the scalp. You should go for touch ups every few weeks so that your extensionist can adjust the beads by moving them closer to the scalp.

I-Tip Extensions last for 3 to 6 months. When your ready to have your extensions removed the extensionist will use the Hair Extension Tool to uncrimp the beads and slide the strands out of the beads.

How To Look After Micro Bead Hair Extensions

The hair of your dreams is only a micro bead away… If you dream of having hair like Rapunzel, micro bead hair extensions will grant your wish. But with privilege comes responsibility. If you don’t take care of your hair accordingly, your extensions may become tangled leading to needing premature adjustments.

By following our tips, you’ll help ensure that none of these disasters happens to you.

Our tips will help you to:

  • Prolong the life of your hair extensions.
  • Need less frequent move-ups and replacement.
  • Keep your natural hair as natural as possible.
  • To ensure you don’t pull on your micro bead extensions (which can cause premature dropping or fall out of your extensions), only use a loop brush or nylon boar bristle brush.
  • When you’re brushing your hair, make sure to separate the strands of hair at the roots to ensure your hair does not tangle.


Before washing your hair, always thoroughly run a brush through the lengths, to help prevent any tangles.

The most important part of washing your hair is to avoid all hair care products containing heavy protein or silicone. These products will weaken the bonds of your hair extensions, causing them to fall out.

When you’re applying shampoo, never rub or massage the product into your hair or scalp. Gently stroke the shampoo through your hair from root to tip.

Apply a moisturising conditioner to your hair, avoiding the roots and bonds of the beads. Every second wash, apply a deep conditioning treatment to help extend the life of your hair extensions.

Thoroughly wash all shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, as product residue can cause mould around the bonds.

Note: The less you wash your hair, the less often you’ll need to have your hair extensions moved up, or replaced.

Heat Tools & Styling

As with your natural hair, heat tools such as curling wands and hair straighteners will damage your hair extensions, so try to use these tools as little as possible. Every time you use any heat styling tools, thoroughly coat your hair with a heat protectant spray. Hot hair rollers use less heat to curl your hair, so opt for these when possible.

Some micro beads can melt when they come in contact with heat tools, so be sure to ask your stylish about this—nobody wants beads glued to their hair!

As you now have a lot more hair, you may notice normal hair ties snap when you try to put them in your hair. To avoid this, use an old school scrunchy to tie up your hair. Make sure the hair tie doesn’t have a metal band, as this may pull out and knot your hair.


When you first have your micro bead hair extensions applied, sleeping may feel a little uncomfortable. To help stop your hair extensions from tangling, put your hair in a loose braid and tie a silk bandana around the crown of your head. For more information on I-Tip hair extensions visit https://jadorehairsupplies.com.au/product-category/hair-extensions/itip/.