Ramp up Your Exercise Regime

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Have you been spending more time on the couch than enjoying the beautiful outdoors? If you’re feeling lethargic, fatigued and bloated, a sedentary lifestyle only serves to contribute to these ailments. Dust those cookie crumbs from your chest and commit to getting back into the exercise groove. Today is the best day to start.

One of the greatest pieces of technology to emerge in recent years is the activity tracker. It’s so easy to set incremental goals and keep track of your progress. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the huge variety of fitness trackers available at Under Armour. For any fitness or wellness program to be sustainable, it must be undertaken in moderation. The initial goal is not to lose weight, run a marathon or fit into a three year old pair of jeans. Begin by merely seeking to establish a habit. Commit to being active for at least thirty minutes a day. Find an activity that you enjoy. Brisk walking, kayaking, heavy gardening or even rigorous house cleaning are all great activities. The more you enjoy something, the greater your chances are of actually sticking with it.

Don’t sabotage your new commitment to activity with unhealthy eating. Be mindful of what you consume as well as quantities.  Commit to eliminating sugary sodas and fast food from your daily food choices.  Fatigue, bloating as well as mood and energy spikes can all be attributed to excess sodium and excess sugar. Our bodies are designed to process moderate amounts of sodium and sugar. Excess amounts are stored as fat and cause water retention and ultimately weight gain. Quit working against yourself and begin loading up of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Be mindful when you eat. Eating while standing or driving puts stress on the digestive system and makes it difficult to enjoy your meal.  Follow these basic recommendations and you’ll be on the path to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.