How Do Fashion Trends Start?

How Do Fashion Trends Start

Traditionally, and for a very long time, fashion trends were started and developed solely through the fashion house-to-magazine-to-consumer method. Things have changed in today's Internet-savvy (even Internet-obsessed) society, where, according to Mashable, US adults "spend an average of 11 hours per day with digital media."

Five Ways Fashion Trends Begin and How Do Fashion Trends Start?

While traditional fashion houses continue to have an impact on how trends develop, they are no longer the only sources that contribute to widely accepted fashion trends. Today, there are five main ways that fashion trends begin and grow: on the runway, through street style, celebrities, fashion bloggers, and the various fashion capitals of the world.

1. Runway Trends

Milan and New York both host Fashion Week events, and Paris each season serves as a great source of inspiration for many of today's current trends. Every season, fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what the previous months have inspired in the minds of their favorite designers.

Reasons Runways Inspire Trends

Since runway looks are entirely made-up by fashion designers, trends only emerge on the runway! The Fashion Week displays include a variety of items that are deemed couture, or items that are manufactured specifically to fit one person's body, even if many are mass-produced. These are the items for which people wait eagerly because they frequently feature extravagant patterns that appear to have been created in a dream. These are the items that viewers remember and use as models for their own ensembles.

Runway-Inspired Trend Examples

How Do Fashion Trends Start?

Following are some examples of trends that emerged from runway displays:

*Proenza Schouler Spring 2014 - Designer Proenza Schouler sent several fringes looks down the runway for New York Fashion Week's Spring 2014 collection, which was unveiled in the fall of 2013. This served as inspiration for other designers to incorporate various fringe embellishments into their collections. 2014's spring was marked by the dominance of this trend, which will last into the fall.

*DVF Spring 2014 - Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) showcased her Spring 2014 collection during New York Fashion Week and featured a variety of crop top looks. Crop tops became one of the top spring 2014 fashion trends as a result of this trickle-down effect.

2. Street Style

The phrase "street style" primarily refers to commonplace outfits worn out and about. These are the everyday appearances people adopt that leave an effect on onlookers and inspire them! Street Style is a relatively new term in the world of fashion, but it proves just how much power one person can have in understanding fashion and establishing trends!

Reasons Street Style Inspires Trends

For two key reasons, people are easily inspired by street style:

*Usually, it's simple to duplicate the appearance.
*Because they think they can pull off these trends themselves, people are more likely to adopt the "everyday person" trends.

Trends Inspired by Street Style

Several trends have their roots in street style, for instance:

Colored Fur: Both designers and street style influencers made colored fur a popular trend. One of the major trends for fall fashion was introduced by Natalie Joss, whose collection popularised vibrant fur street style in softer hues. This trend is making a big impact as fall fashions begin to appear in stores by utilizing stunning royal blues and even vivid oranges!

Coachella Hippie Look: Since its debut in 2007, the Coachella music festival has grown to become a hotspot for those interested in observing and photographing street style. The hippie look emerged after the first season and gained tremendous strength as designers started to draw inspiration from it for their upcoming collections. It continued to be very popular and durable season after season.

3. Celebrities

There is no denying that celebrities are one of the major influences behind the development of trends. The public adores celebrities and watches their every move while listening intently to everything they say. Big businesses look to celebrities as spokespersons for their brands and goods because of their enormous influence.

Reasons Celebrities Inspire Trends

Celebrities often have a wider audience than the most recent fashion magazine due to their enormous fan bases. His art is frequently imitated by fans, who are always watching him. Over the years, many famous people have developed a reputation as trendsetters and style icons with an eye for fashion, including Maggie Gyllenhaal and Sarah Jessica Parker. Fans follow them to learn about fashion trends, silhouettes, the newest "it" handbag, and other things. People look up to them as a source of information that sets trends and turns to them for guidance and inspiration.

Trends Inspired by Celebrities

Examples of celebrity-inspired trends include:

*Manolo Blahnik stilettos: Although Manolo Blahnik shoes are flawlessly crafted in every manner, it wasn't until Sarah Jessica Parker wore them in Sex and the City that they gained widespread attention. After that, having a pair of these recognizable shoes was so trendy!

*The hobo trend was unquestionably created by the Olsen twins, regardless of whether you want to refer to it as the contemporary grunge aesthetic. Mary Kate and Ashley started sporting this appearance whenever they were out in public, earning them the nickname "bag ladies" in the media. It was a hit with her fans, who began emulating the style!

4. Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers have demonstrated to the public over the years that they have excellent taste and are setting trends in the fashion industry rather than copying them! Designers frequently ask celebrities and fashion bloggers to wear and promote their products since they are aware of their influence. Fashion bloggers use these designer clothes to create trends by styling them in various ways, taking photos of themselves, and sharing the photos and their opinions with their enormous audiences.

Reasons Fashion Bloggers Inspire Trends

Fashion bloggers are quite powerful in their respective industries. People look to fashion bloggers as a way to go directly to the source of how a trend is created so they can be aware of it from the beginning rather than just watching celebrities because they like it. The reason why readers of fashion blogs adore and respect them is that they offer a distinctive viewpoint on the fashion industry.

Trends Inspired by Fashion Bloggers

Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni, a well-known figure in the world of fashion, set the trend for the popular military style, which has impacted and inspired a number of designers all over the world. She started a huge trend by completing her outfit with small accents like a patchwork and beret hat!
Shoe Trends - Fashion blogger Peace Love Shea uses her blog and Instagram feed to inspire both designers and her sizable audience. She has had such a significant influence on the design industry that Steve Madden approached her to collaborate on a shoe collection that was inspired by her sense of style.

5. Fashion Capitals of the World

Because fashion and trends vary greatly around the world, people frequently check out what's happening in the world's fashion capitals, New York City, Paris, Milan, and London, to observe what other individuals are wearing and incorporate those fashions into their daily life.

Reasons Trends Begin in Fashion Capitals

When people, such as designers, fashionistas, bloggers, and magazine editors, want to follow trends outside of their local area, they frequently travel to these extremely fashionable cities in search of cutting-edge ideas. Global trends present fashion from various angles and give fans of the industry the chance to introduce something fresh into their lives.

Trends Inspired by the Fashion Capitals

*Mini skirts - While many people mistakenly believe that the tiny skirt style originated in the United States, it actually originated in London in the late 1950s thanks to designer Mary Quant, who then gradually spread the trend to the country. Given that it gets a fresh spin every season, this style has most definitely not faded!

*Dr. Martens - Popularly known as "Dr. Martens," this shoe firm was founded in the UK in 1960 with the intention of giving the wearer practicality. They became a defining feature of youth culture after being swiftly embraced by the youth of London's High Street. These shoes, made famous by Pete Townshend of The Who, made their way to America and played a significant role in the rebellious grunge-era fashion scene.

The Evolution of Fashion Trends

Overall, these sources have the potential to create major waves and have an impact on the global fashion industry. They begin as straightforward concepts, spread to the masses, and then come into their own from influential figures in the fashion industry. The popularity of a particular trend will suddenly soar, then fade over time with the possibility of being recycled again and providing inspiration for years to come.