How to find good clothes on amazon ?

How to find good clothes on amazon
How to find good clothes on amazon? 


                 How to find good clothes on amazon?    

Jeff Bezos is on his way to raid your closet. The inventor of Amazon has already conquered everything from books to toilet paper to fashion. Or, more precisely, clothing. Even though it's now the second-largest clothes retailer in America, a short scan of its digital racks reveals items that anyone may label "stylish."

But Walmart, not a company known for its Juergen Taylor-shot advertising campaigns, is currently the king of the American clothes industry. This is due to the fact that, similar to Amazon; it is aware that scale doesn't come from exclusivity; rather, it comes from selling inexpensive pants, shirts, and shoes to customers who don't particularly care about trends. People who pick up their tees with their bin bags can make a lot of money.     

However, Amazon isn't a business that is willing to ignore revenue opportunities. In addition, the fashion business is a more powerful beast than it thinks it is. The buy-your-cat-litter-here mentality for design and price-cutting is the bane of designer labels, despite the fact that companies like LVMH sell brands like Kenzo, Givenchy, and Marc Jacobs, which are owned by Shopbop and East Den.

Even though shopping for clothing on Amazon might make you feel like you're in the middle of the biggest closing-down sale ever, there are still some desirable brands tucked away in confusion. Menswear essentials from brands like Converse, Levi's, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger are frequently available at lower prices than you'll find elsewhere, and Gant and Lacoste are two labels with specialized "stores" on the platform. 

The retailer is now delivering your clothing with its technical know-how. The Echo Look, a new camera from Amazon (now only accessible in the US), can scan you and provide dull, imprecise fashion recommendations. Bezos also purchased a body-scanning start-up, indicating that you'll soon be able to purchase garments recommended by AI based on your body type. In the meanwhile, it has also introduced Prime Wardrobe, a Stitchfix-style clothing-in-a-box service that blends human stylists with algorithms to foretell your preferences.

Although it has been projected for six years that Amazon will close the gap between clothes and fashion, it is still on the wrong side of it. It lacks established personalities like Matchboxfashion, Mr. Porter, or ASOS, all of which draw customers who are searching for a particular mood. Amazon has a more relaxed vibe and is designed to sell microwaves rather than cashmere sweaters.

It has data and products. Both are in abundance, And it is using them to covertly introduce you to your wardrobe using private labels it may not even be aware it owns. In 2009, Amazon began selling its own brand of cables and batteries, which were mass-produced items with little brand loyalty. Since then, it has grown to include everything from apparel to accessories, and it now includes roughly 70 private labels that are appearing alongside well-known brands.

There are at least three separate sporting brands, including Good sport, Peak Velocity, and Rebel Canyon, in addition to Franklin Tailored's economical tailoring, Buttondown's focus on business-casual shirts, Meraki's clean basics, and Franklin Tailored's clean basics. Amazon can triumph in that situation. Don't bet it can't persuade guys who shop on Amazon to buy shearling jackets in a few years since it went from selling phone chargers to speakers and even vitamin supplements in the last ten years. Order tees.

How to find good clothes on amazon
How to find good clothes on amazon


Three fashion experts were given the task of spending $100 on menswear on They made this decision.


The gear for outdoor adventures is one area where Amazon excels. Not surprisingly, given that you compare these garments based on function as well as form.

"Patagonia has proven its authenticity in manufacturing long-lasting outerwear and has also taken initiatives to extend the lifespan of your clothing," says photographer and stylist Chris Tang.

The brand has gained popularity in the fashion industry, but Patagonia hasn't wavered from its principles and keeps on working. During the colder months, this windbreaker works well as a mid-layer or on its own.

How to find good clothes on amazon
How to find good clothes on amazon

                     ADIDAS STAN SMITHS

Products that remain on the market for more than six months are given priority in Amazon's logistics methodology. This is, therefore, especially beneficial for footwear that never ages, like the Stan Smith, the original tennis shoe.

According to stylist Luke McDonald, "I acquire these since they're a basic, easy-to-wear, and comfortable trainer." "The sizing is pretty constant, which is excellent because I want to be sure they'll fit because returns from Amazon may be difficult. Additionally, they are the only thing I can purchase, regardless of whence they originate." I may purchase without experiencing any brand warming. 

How to find good clothes on amazon

LEVI’S 501

According to fashion blogger Maryam Bouteiba, she shops on Amazon for essentials and frequently makes purchases. "Things like basic white t-shirts that need to be replaced frequently or my beloved but slightly worn-out trainers."

Choosing a product that hasn't changed in more than a century can also be beneficial when making a novel purchase. A pair of 501s will always be 501s, regardless of the platform from which you purchase them.

How to find good clothes on amazon



When it comes to inspiration and if you need a specific pair of Vans right away, Amazon is like a gigantic warehouse. All you have to do is approach your clothing in the same manner that you approach dog food. If you're looking for something you already know you, love, try Amazon first. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, French Connection, and Levi's all sell through the site. Just don't hope to discover any new necessities while you're looking.
How to find good clothes on amazonHow to find good clothes on amazon

How to find good clothes on amazonHow to find good clothes on amazon


Although Gucci has superior branding, Amazon outperforms everyone in terms of logistics. Nothing counts more than fit when it comes to essentials. Therefore it's a good idea to get a couple of sizes close to your usual size, select the best one, and send the others back. It's almost as easy to try things out in-store thanks to free delivery and returns (at least if you have Prime).


Luxe-up versions of garments traditionally worn in factories have made workwear companies like Carhartt and Dickies very wealthy. The original, durable Carhartt chinos (without the WIP suffix) and Dickey's cushioned overshirts are also available on Amazon. The markup is absent, but the quality and style are the same.
How to find good clothes on amazonHow to find good clothes on amazon

How to find good clothes on amazonHow to find good clothes on amazon


Nobody offers discounts quite like Amazon, which contributes to the delay in big brands joining the fray. However, Amazon's price cuts—think Prime Day, Black Friday, and around Christmas—are notably steep on the clothing it creates itself in an effort to get shoppers to try its own brands. Because they know they can simply roll them into the following season, the majority of other brands don't offer half off their essentials. Amazon has it. So take advantage by buying plenty of white t-shirts, underwear, and other essentials for your wardrobe.


Some of the most affordable phone chargers are produced by Amazon. Similar reasoning applies to baggage, another area where it saw significant income and chose to increase its margin with proprietary goods. It's currently attempting the same ruse with clothing. That entails simple collections that, despite their unremarkable aesthetic, provide excellent value in terms of materials and craftsmanship. The majority of these are still US-only for the time being, but brands like Meraki (basics you can wear with any outfit) and Find (cheap, lightly streetwear-inspired trousers, sweatshirts, and jackets) are worth looking into.
How to find good clothes on amazon


Because Amazon could raise prices to the point where no one else could compete, the bookshop perished. Good for everyone who wants to save $2 on the latest Harry Potter; bad for society as a whole. The same is true for clothing; chances are, if it is listed there, it will cost less than it would elsewhere. As a result, even though Amazon will never get you to fall in love with a Cuban collar shirt, once you have somewhere, it is wise to quickly check the pricing before clicking the add to cart button.


Amazon has long been a center for horology, even though its fashion play is relatively recent. As usual, browsing there is unpleasant, but if you know what you prefer—minimalist brands like Skagen, for example, or designer watches like those from Michael Kors—you are unlikely to find your favorites for less elsewhere. Even decent selections of Swiss and high-end watches are offered, with the most expensive model going for £44,098.95 for a rose gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Even so, your delivery person will most likely still hide it behind your trash.
How to find good clothes on amazon

How to find good clothes on amazon

This suit, which hasn't changed much since Beau Brummel's era, is the standard work attire for office drones and can be worn with as much self-expression as a straitjacket made of horsehair. However, this should not occur.

While most of what you see while traveling may appear stale, designers constantly experiment with the shapes and styles of suits on the catwalk and in boutiques to keep it interesting. Here are seven modern techniques to update your sewing and take it out of the 18th century.


The half-zip top is a halfway house between a full-on tracksuit and a regular sweater that can nonetheless serve as a goalpost, keeping with both athleisure and 1970s trends without sounding too The Damned United.

Half-zip shirts are great for adding a sporty element and bringing down the formality of a more tailored jacket or coat, according to Luke McDonald, stylist for the online personal shopper Thread. As long as it's not too tight, they look great with a single-breasted coat, MAC, or even a casual suit jacket. What makes figure-hugging clothing problematic? Because if there isn't enough room underneath it, it will bunch up in an unsightly manner.

PE Text A knitted version is more elegant than a cotton-poly blend; if it is too thick, it will appear as though you purchased it from a camping supply store to wear to your child's soccer games.
How to find good clothes on amazon


Jack up your jacket all the way for a dramatic look with your suit or separates.

Danielle Rhone, a personal shopper at Selfridges, advises, "Swap out your blazer and try a lovely knit cardigan." While being less formal, it provides some structure for you. He recommends shawl-collared cardigans, which are essentially jackets with lapels. Alternately, consider a "Milanese knit blazer," which blends the two styles.

Change your standard-issue jacket for a uniform in a new meaning for something more modern. Ron claims that a bomber jacket is an ideal substitute for a fitted jacket. Just make sure it's modern, clean, and fitting rather than boxy and ugly. Wool is also more intelligent than nylon.

NB: Being excessively polished is possible. While making a leather bomber can be challenging enough, Rhone claims that suede is less ripe. Just be sure to look at the weather report.


At least on the catwalk, suits have been getting boxier and baggier recently than an Amazon fulfillment center, defying everything you've ever been told about the fit and fitting of suits. Oh, fashion? It's adorable, of course.

Young shoulder-padawan, before you forget everything you've learned, remember that this is very much a fashion world phenomenon. If you arrive at work with a suit with an oversized armor proportion, even in business-casual environments, you will stand out in the worst way possible: sideways.

Plus-size tailoring looks best outside of the Balenciaga show and in the real world when softened with drapey fabrics and dressed down with tees and jumpers. What Giorgio Armani has essentially been doing since the 1980s.


According to McDonald of Thread, "the key to distinction is matching both texture and color," thus, for instance, a blue blazer with a light chambray shirt and white denim jeans creates a terrific mix.

When paired with block-color fundamentals, patterns will increase your interest level and style, but if you try to cram too much into one outfit, your look will suffer. If you like to play with patterns, McDonald's advises sticking to just one thing. "If you don't have a lot of experience, don't do too many. So rather than attempting a different pattern, if you have a grey check blazer, stick to a basic burgundy roll neck and blue chinos ".

Before you hurt yourself, check yourself. But remember, just once.


Sporty elements like drawstring waists and cuffed ankles have appeared on fitted pants as a result of the athleisure movement, and fleece has been replaced by athletic materials that resemble jerseys. This season, John Lewis also offered an "athleisure suit."

Although a drawstring waist is more discrete than ankle cuffs, you still definitely don't want to call attention to it. Polos, tees, and short, soft-collared shirts that are casually untucked will go better together than a Germain Street button-up and tie.

The sweat-ready jersey also softens the dress of tailoring, so tone it down to smarten up an extremely casual look or take the edge off a formal ensemble. To avoid looking too much like a tracksuit, keep the sweatshirt material to one-half of your body (most likely a jacket, since joggers can clash with a blazer).


It's as Italian as Negronis and gestures to defy the traditional layering hierarchy by wearing a toilet under your fitted jacket.

You can get away with adding a toilet to most suits you wear to the office, asserts McDonald.

Given that it has a line similar to a waistcoat, a V-neck vest is simple to style. Additionally, you should avoid matching your jacket by sticking to a contrasting color.

Contrast, whether tonal or textural, is, in fact, just as alluring as warmth: sparkling nylon against comparatively matte wool. Having said that, bodywarmers are also common in subdued outerwear materials like wool, corduroy, and suede. However, refrain from overloading and externalities because it is not gorpakor.

The most adaptable colors, according to McDonald, are navy, grey, and olive green. However, if you want to accentuate the informal aspect, choose stronger colors like burgundy.


The suit color palette has recently been enlarged with primary and even pastel tailoring. However, there is a reason why most tailoring is conservative: the more it deviates from the standard navy and grey, the less versatile and always suitable it is, and the greater the likelihood that it will become a wardrobe white elephant.

Start with deeper tones of burgundy, forest, or olive green if you're spreading out. The camel is stunning without being over the top, while the brown is similarly understated but still floats. Mind that you only bring one jacket.

It's a good idea to keep your shirt and tie subdued, like plain white and a dark, block color, as your suit (or jacket) is a statement. It can also be effective to accessorize with a lighter or darker shade of your suit, but probably not if it's millennial pink.